Aio Polish & Protect 32oz

Aio Polish & Protect 32oz


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  1. Micro cutting technology

  2. High-gloss finish and sealing wax


Manufacturer:Made In The USA



AIO Polish removes medium to heavy defects while laying down a protective layer through an all-in-one step process.

This polish will produce a mirror-like finish with the ultimate balance of correction and protection. Use this solution on a properly prepared finish for superior results!



TOOLS NEEDED: Polisher, Polishing Pad, Microfiber Towel, AIO Mist.

  1. Apply four pea-sized dots to a polishing pad and spread evenly on the surface.

  2. Continue by covering a section at a consistent speed and applying medium pressure to the polisher.

  3. Buff off polish residue under a fresh microfiber towel with light pressure.



  1. Work in small sections.

  2. Shake Polish well before using.

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