Dank Air Freshener

Dank Air Freshener


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Dank Marijuana Scented Air Freshener delivers a fresh cannabis scent! The natural marijuana scented spray features the amazing smell of California Ganja. We traveled to world famous Humboldt Country to capture the natural essence of California Kush to create the perfect sprayable air freshener. The wonderful smell of a fresh Marijuana harvest is one of Mother Nature’s greatest scents. The invigorating cannabis aroma therapy makes you feel calm and relaxed. Dank Marijuana Scented Air Freshener works by refreshing the air, eliminating odors, and releasing a fresh herbal scent. Just one spray will fill the air with the beautiful smells of OG Kush, Grape Ape, and Sour Diesel. The authentic marijuana scented air freshener will bring back memories of rolling joints with the homies. Easily eliminate unwanted odors with the fresh scent of dank marijuana. Chill out and relax with the wonderful herbal scent. One spray will give the room reefer madness! Smiles will appear when the scent of Mary Jane arrives. Works in cars, trucks, hotels, lockers, gym bags, restrooms, and much more! Odor eliminators remove unwanted pet odors and delivers a fresh cannabis scent. Enjoy the fresh scent of cannabis with Masterson’s Dank Marijuana Scented Air Freshener.

Directions: Shake Well – Simply mist Dank Marijuana Scented Air Freshener in any vehicle or room – Lightly spray on carpet, fabric, under seats, and trunk area – Reapply as needed – Enjoy Dank Marijuana scent!

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