Microfiber Detail Coating wipe down towel 3 colours (12 pack)

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Ceramic coatings are typically wiped down using microfiber cloths. But, using the right cloth is important. Plush, high nap, expensive clothes are not the way to go. The best cloth is a low cost, low nap, good bite, edgeless towel. 

Ceramic coatings can create a permanent, sharp, glass residue on the towels used to wipe them, which means subsequent use can scratch the surface on which it is used. That means you should throw them away and that also means buying the most expensive, plush microfiber towel, from the microfiber boutique store is not the best route to take. 

Our Towels 
Micro Detailer Ceramic Coating Wipe Down Microfiber Towels are low cost, low nap, good bite, and edgeless. That means they can wipe down coatings efficiently, be safe for your paint and not cost you an arm and leg. 

1. 16″ x 16″ 
2. 80% polyester, 20% nylon 
3. No scratch, edgeless technology 

Recommend Procedure for Wiping Down Ceramic Coatings 
On the first few wipes, don't fold the towel and use it flat, this will make it grab on the coating residue Instead, scrunch or ball up the towel and grip it in your palm, then Lightly drag the towel across the coating residue, going in one direction only Repeat this singe-direction wiping for the first few wipes until the stickiness subsides Then, fold the towel once or twice, so it is flat, and complete the wiping process by using a back-and-forth, then circular buffing process 

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