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Oberk Supreme Cut (SC) was formulated to provide a premium option for compounding or heavy polishing.  With the most innovative and premium abrasives in the world, this polish combines unmatched cutting ability and offers incomparable results. This compound is required for step 1 in the Oberk Supreme DUO system.

    • Removes p1500 sanding marks.
    • Perfect for use on all types of machines including DA, forced rotation, rotary, and long-throw DA machines.
    • The water-based formula provides a superior option when used on all types of foam, wool, and microfiber pads.
    • Silicone free, and body shop safe
    • Works on most automotive finishes and gel coats.
    • Use when removing sanding marks in new paint, and cutting heavy defects and swirls in cured paint.
    • Oberk uses absolutely no fillers.

    DUO STEP 1: Correction Stage

    Suggested pad to use: Oberk Orange Microfiber Cutting Pad.

    1. Always lightly prime the pad to avoid dry buffing. Apply 4 pea sized dots to the face of foam or microfiber cutting pad, wool pads may require additional product. 
    2. Spread product over a 16 x 16"area, and polish. Wipe excess residue, and inspect.

    If any holograms or marring is visible, follow up with Step 2 using Oberk Supreme Polish.

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