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SB3 CORRECT is a polishing compound that removes all manners of paint defects quickly while polishing the paint to a high luster. The secret to CORRECT’s split personality is fused oxide abrasives which transform from aggressive cutting agents to micro-fine non-diminishing crystals
which smooth the paint and mechanically increase shine. CORRECT reduces paint correction times by preforming two steps in one, while minimizing cleanup due a low-dusting and non-slinging formula.

  • Removes paint defects and paint scratches quickly
  • Wipes away easily with minimal dust
  • Works with all machine and pad types
  • Creates a high-gloss shine
  • Dramatically reduces polishing times
  • Safe for body shops

The first time you use SB3 CORRECT, you will experience the SB3 difference. This polishing compound works equally well with all machine types: rotary, dual-action random orbital, and dual-action forced rotation. Its adaptable nature means different results can be achieve with a wide variety of pads. While it will take a little bit of elbow grease, you can even achieve great results by hand! SB3 CORRECT is the perfect cure for your paint’s needs!

To remove major imperfections, use with wool pads on rotary and forced rotation
orbital polishers, and microfiber pads on random orbital polishers.
To remove light defects and increase shine use with foam pads on all machine types


  1. Apply a small amount of CORRECT to pads or paint
  2. Spread using low speed
  3.  Polish a 2ft. x 2ft. square using low-to-moderate speed and pressure
  4. Wipe residues
  5. Follow with SB3 Finish to refine shine to the highest level

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