SB3 Trim

SB3 Trim


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SB3 Trim is our newest coating. Not only is it plastic protectant, but it will restore faded trim as well to its natural appearance. 

It is quite common to observe fading or discoloring of automotive finishing materials under the influence of UV radiation as well as strong chemicals used in car washes. SB3 Trim preserves the long-lasting, darkening effect of color saturation, which translates into ensuring a matte or satin finish of materials. Even after 12 months, the effect of color darkening does not diminish, which often means exceeding the durability of traditional products.

Unlike your typical dressings, SB3 Trim will not be greasy or oily. The color won't be faded by car wash soaps. 


Wash and degrease the trim surface with a strong degreasing agent.

Ensure the surface is oil-free and completely dry. Use SB3 Ready before applying the coating.

Shake bottle well. 

Wipe SB3 Trim onto the surface in a criss-cross pattern. Ensure a thick layer has built up. 

Wipe off if necessary shortly after application. Wipe off depends on the climate temperatures. Colder Climates wait about 3 minutes, warmer temperatures wait about 1 minute. If you plan to let it "self-level" wait 24 hours for full cure unless you heat lamp it. 


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