Tropical Pineapple Air Freshener

Tropical Pineapple Air Freshener


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MASTERSON’S TROPICAL PINEAPPLE AIR FRESHENER is a fresh scent crafted to take your senses to paradise. The sweet tropical scent feels like a Hawaiian summer vacation. Enjoy the sweet island pineapple aroma with just a few sprays. Masterson’s Tropical Pineapple Air Freshener is crafted using genuine Hawaiian pineapple scent to create the perfect air freshener. Advanced odor eliminating technology quickly removes nasty smells from your car, truck, RV, or home. Everyone enjoys the smell of freshly cut pineapple in the island breeze! Now you can have the scent of tropical pineapple in your car! Masterson’s Tropical Pineapple Air Freshener works by freshening the air, eliminating odors, and creating the relaxing experience of a Hawaiian vacation. The sweet pineapple scent will deliver the genuine smell of all-natural, island grown pineapples. Simply spray in your stinky car to restore a fresh scent and eliminate nasty odors. Works in hotels, gym bags, lockers, restrooms, and much more! One spray is all you need for a full-size vehicle. The fresh scent of tropical pineapple makes any experience relaxing and enjoyable. The exotic fruit scent will inspire you to relax on the beach and enjoy the waves! Quickly eliminates nasty odors and bacteria from A/C vents. Enjoy the relaxing island scent with Masterson’s Tropical Pineapple Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator.

DIRECTIONS: Shake Well – Simply mist Tropical Pineapple Air Freshener in your vehicle – Lightly spray on carpet, fabric, under seats, and trunk area – Reapply as needed – Enjoy the tropical pineapple scent.

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